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Before Crawl Space Insulation Cleaning After Crawl Space Insulation Cleaning

Crawl Space Insulation and Cleaning.

Hire a Professional to Insulate your Crawl Space!

Arrow Insulation is a local professional insulation company. We understand that money and time are very valuable to you and for this reason we are certified to work directly with the local utility companies of Seattle, Tacoma, Bellingham and other surrounding communities of Western Washington. Insulation rebates from these utility companies can save you a lot of money.

Before and After Images of Insulation in an a Crawl Space

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Process for Insulating Your Crawl Space

Removing and Cleaning Up Insulation From Your Crawl Space

Removing insulation from your crawl space to install new energy efficient insulation is a time consuming process and must be done properly so we have outlined some of the process below. Keep in mind that every situation is different which is why you should consider hiring a certified professional insulation contractor. You can contact us or fill out our form for a free estimate.

Not only can insulation in a crawl space become less energy efficient with time, it can also become infested with pests that require trained professionals to safely and efficiently remove contaminated insulation. We work directly with Arrow Pest Control to eliminate any current problems and future pest control issues. This process includes exclusion which helps remove the chance that future pests will invade your home or business crawl space.

Exclusion of a crawl space is a very important step in making sure your crawl space is properly insulated and avoid any future infestations of pest such as rodents, racoons, and squirrels. In fact, it is so specialized that we have employees who specialize in exclusion processes! Exclusion requires a variety of techniques & materials, each of which is unique to the project.

Some of the more common exclusion types are as follows:

Then we continue the “clean out” by spraying the crawl space with a bacteria-enzyme odor control product or even sanitizing the area, if requested. When the animal or rodent was living within your crawl space, they most likely left urine & feces so the spraying is recommended to help break down the odor that occurs. We use multi-purpose sanitizing & odor control sprays to kill bacteria, eliminate organic odors, germs, fungi, mildew, etc.

Note* All materials removed by Arrow Insulation are properly disposed of at a local transfer station.

You will find additional information on insulating your crawl space at the U.S. Departmnent of Energy's website