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Insulation removal experts

We service Seattle, Everett, Bellevue, and Bellingham.

Arrow Insulation provides you with the confidence that your insulation will be removed and replaced with the highest level of quality and service.

Why is insulation removal necesasary?

When rodents, live animals, water, or even time are introduced to your crawl or attic space, the outcome often results in damage. When this happens, you may need elimination of the rodent or animal infestation; a removal of insulation, vapor barrier, other materials and carcasses, odor control, sanitizing, exclusion, ventilation, and an install of new insulation & vapor barrier, or other materials.

The removal of insulation is done in a variety of clean and efficient ways. This service is not recommended for the “do-it-yourselfer” as there are multiple diseases associated with rodents, live animals, or even their feces. Also you don’t want to be removing your insulation & have rodents fall on your head.

The first step of any removal is setting up drop clothes, if the crawl space access is on the interior of your home.

Attic insulation is vacuumed out with state of the art equipment that moves the insulation from your attic via a 4 inch hose, into a filter bag which is located in the back of our vehicle.

Crawl space insulation is removed by cutting the twine, removing slats or wood laths, or removing the tension wires which were holding the insulation in place, pulling down any remaining insulation, bagging it, and then removing it from underneath your home. All materials removed by Arrow Insulation are properly disposed of at a local transfer station.

Next step would be the exclusion, if needed.

Exclusion: “to leave the rodents, animals out of a certain area”. This is a very important step to the crawl or attic space clean up. In fact, it is so specialized that we have employees who do only this task! Exclusion requires a variety of techniques & materials, each of which is unique to each project.

Some of the more common exclusion types are as follows:

Then we continue the “clean out” by spraying the crawl space or attic with a bacteria- enzyme odor control product or even sanitizing the area, if requested. When the animal or rodent was living within your crawl or attic, he most likely left urine & feces, so the spraying is recommended to help break down the odor that has been caused from this. We use multi-purpose sanitizing & odor control sprays to kill bacteria, eliminate organic odors, germs, fungi, mildew, etc. BE SURE THE COMPANY YOU CHOOSE SPRAYS!

Now that your crawl or attic is clean and sealed up, it’s time to insulate, keep your home warm and the energy bill down. Call to see if you could qualify for up to a 42% rebate.